Should You Train A Consultant For Your Business? Is It Worth The Hassle?

The idea of running a business is no menial task. You will have to manage the accounting, the logistics, the marketing and everything else under the sun. Slowly but steadily you understand that there is only so much that one man can know and do. That is when you think of bringing the brains on-board; a seasoned business consultant. They will help fine tune your processes across departments and help you minimize your losses eventually. They will basically help you uncover the true potential of your business. After all it is only a tweak here and a tweak there that can help grow your business steadily for years to come.

But an issue that arises is if your project requires plenty of time? Like over the course of months or maybe even years? You can bring a business consultant to join you, but you’ll be drained dry by the end of it. Business consultants are not cheap to hire, you know!

So what do you do? You train one.

Having A Business Consultant At Your Beck And Call!

Training employees is a vital task that needs to be performed, irrespective of the department. That is unless and until he is a seasoned veteran, of course. You can’t simply hire somebody and they are able to perfectly execute the work right from day 1! They need to be made familiarized and taught the building block of the role that is assigned to them. Although this is inevitable, do know that training somebody for the job requires money and time on your hands.

If you are planning to take a big step for your business in the coming months and you expect your in-house consultant to step up to the plate, then be wary! Because you can’t rush results and quality!

We have jolted down the important things you should keep in mind before you take a call.

Pros Cons
Well-trained confident employees Will take time
Build a close knit group They lack the experience
Increase the retention Wrong training will do damage

Why In-House Consultant Training

  • Good Training Builds Character And Confidence

Those who are trained well will feel competent to act and their confidence shines through. This is in direct correlation to their satisfaction to the job. A satisfied employee will not feel the need to leave and use his expertise elsewhere. They feel they have ample room to grow, shed their cocoon and soar high! The employee turnover rate goes down drastically creating a positive outlook for your brand. The employees know exactly what is expected out of them, and they can focus clearly on achieving those expectations. Better training equals productive employees and more work done!

  • Cut Down The Staffing Losses

Understand that for every employee that leaves, you lose out on thousands of dollars that you’ve invested in training them and not to mention the time spent as well. You will be forced to recruit more, and start the process from scratch. This will amount to a large value and will need up burning a hole in your finances. Good training will ensure they are well-equipped at the job and will stay!

  • You Can Form A Close Knit Team

Since your employees work together, they bond together. Your employees have a strong sense of bonhomie, and they gel well together. This will help them put their points across much more easily. There are some who may be initially reserved, but over the course of time they become comfortable and contribute aggressively. You can brainstorm easily this way!

Why You Shouldn’t Train In-House Consultants

  • Drain Your Time

The idea of training an employee under your wing does sound good. But this will zap away your time. Training requires time, and you can’t rush results. If you quickly need their engagement over a task that is well beyond them, then it will spell disaster.

  • They Lack The Experience And Insight

Seasoned professional business consultants have been consulting many companies across diverse fields for many years. This is after all not their first rodeo!

They carry with them the experience and their fine-tuned decision making skills coupled with sharp instincts to help you grow. This is the reason for the hefty price tag. Your newly trained in-house consultant can’t come close to what a business consultant brings to the table.

  • Improper Training Yields Improper Results

The way the training should be designed must allow the trainee to learn the theory behind what he must do, and finally implement it in a practical setting. Only then can you justify proper training. A rushed or improper training will create a breed of employees who are not fully equipped to take the right decisions. They should then be made to unlearn what they learnt. This will eat away at both your time and your capital!

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