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Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing

You don’t need to have a multi-million dollar budget if you are planning on making a mark on the internet and creating an online presence. If you run a small business, then the budget for traditional marketing routes can be better utilised for digital marketing- atleast in the beginning stages for advertising your small business. You don’t need an account balance with zeros trailing. As a matter of fact, paid search and SEM (search engine marketing) is a form of inorganic growth and a recent statistic shows that close to 80% or 4 in 5 ignore the ads altogether.

Plus, inorganic growth via paid ads in the short-term means reaching out and creating noise for your target audience to catch sight of you.  Instead, all that you need is to implement certain SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. Organic growth is long-term and all you need is consistency, dedication and patience- all of which don’t need you to drain your funds.

Yes, email marketing is a great way that won’t cost you a dime but doing just that is not going to give you plenty of results. You would be able to relate the number of times you emptied the spam folder without a look.

We shall be looking at small business marketing ways in which you can create organic search traffic. Read on…

Increase The Specificity- Use Long-Tail Keywords

Making use of long-tail keywords is the way to be able to bring in your targeted audience. Most of us believe that doing a random keyword search on the popularly used keywords in Google Search is all that is needed to be discovered.

Switch to long-tail keywords that are more in tune to what the content or website that you have. Be as specific as you can be- but don’t overdo it. If you are a T-shirt and apparel store, then using the keyword ‘affordable designer T-shirts online’ rather than ‘designer T-shirt’ would be smarter.

Keywords are generic as is, and they don’t reveal the intent. If you were to make use of queries then there is a higher chance that you will strike gold.

Make Sure Your Pages And Site Is Well-Structured And Categorised

Every page in your website holds together the collective user experience-especially ones like the contact, FAQ, Products, Services and About Us pages. Make sure that the information is eye-catching and easily noticeable. Make it easy for your website to be navigated- at no point in time must a visitor feel ‘lost’ in your website and close the tab.

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