Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing
Small Business

In today’s world, there is no need for you to worry if you don’t have much to spend on marketing, especially for a small business as there are a lot of tactics for marketing that you can make use for blowing a small business. Listed below are a few among them.

Always Publish Great Content

It would be neglectful enough if the trick of publishing great content is not mentioned properly. Creating the content for your website all by yourself is the best option, as it would not cost you anything. It is not necessary that writing should be your strong point; you could get someone on your team to write some articles for your blog. Try writing about the top 10 lists, best practices, tip collections, etc. for your industry.

Create Instructional Videos for Your Platform

Content in the form of video is very valuable for business platforms. It can cost so much to produce professional YouTube videos; therefore give it a shot to create one by yourself or by hiring a film student. Many video tutorials show you ways to shoot footage that are expert-looking. If making a video seems like a big challenge for you, make slide decks so that you can share it on SlideShare.

Get Ad Promo Credits

Since big ad campaigns might be of too much budget, always look for coupons and discounts that floats around for paid Facebook ads and Google ads. There are a lot of web hosting services that offer discount codes for advertising as part of membership offerings.


Reddit is a social network that is been titled as the “front page of the internet”. It is a tool of power when it is been used strategically and is comprised of a tech-savvy audience. Sharing only the truly awesome content and posting only to extreme niches is the best way for your small business to win at Reddit.

There are subcategories in Reddit which are known as subreddits and they deal with some of the narrowest interests in specific. In Reddit, there are subreddits for lockpicking, unicycles, SEO, etc. There are also subreddits to admire beautiful handwriting.

Be a Smart Social Networker

Make it a point to start business accounts for participating in popular social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Also, add to Instagram if your business is an image-oriented one. In addition to this, check the list of easy marketing ideas for Facebook for any kind of businesses.

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