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One of the most effective small business marketing strategies is word of mouth popularity or fame. This is because people assuredly go to places referred by friends and family. Many times we buy products or services based on recommendations from people we know. Also, in a way this is the same mentality of buying products by reading reviews or ratings on online shopping platforms. Moreover, many marketing consultants consider this to be more effective than traditional advertising due to the inherent trust on the part of customers. Shared below are some tips to generate word of mouth buzz among customers.

Exceed Customer Expectations

One of the key objectives of many successful small business marketing strategies is to provide exceptional customer services, this can turn them into fans and is a proven method. So, you must provide them with good experience, treat them well and communicate well to know about their requirements. This works for all businesses, especially very important for small ventures like restaurants, boutique stores and many such services where communication is important. Not only that, this creates a layer of trust and credibility that makes the customers want to revisit your place.

The WOW Factor

By WOW factor we mean, small businesses must have some unique quality that distinguishes them from the rest of the competition. This will give them an edge over others and can become the key factor that generates word of mouth. The best way to do this is to do a market study to find what customers are unsatisfied about and provide it. This is one of the ways to market a small business in their beginning stage to grab customer attention. The other method is to do something special or do extra that elevates the existing service to a whole new dimension.


It is important for any word of mouth campaign of small businesses to make it easy for customers to share their reviews with each other. This can be easily achieved with social media platforms; most of the small businesses nowadays do this by default. By making this easy, you can easily increase business volume and this will also increase recommendations. Moreover, this is where promoting user generated content can have a huge impact on the reputation and thereby success of the marketing campaign.

These are some of the ways to market small business; many of them are extensions of traditional strategies that are updated for the age of social media. You should also keep in mind that generating word of mouth buzz is not easy and it can work negatively if your services are subpar.

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